Bar Consultancy

Nos professionnels expérimentés offrent une gamme complète de services de conseil en bar.

Our experienced professionals offer a full range of bar consulting services. Whether you're opening a new place or just want to change your existing business, we're here to help you make your bar the best it can be.

Advice on new sites

We are able to provide total management of new openings, taking care of the concept, bar design, construction, menus, staff recruitment and staff training. We think it is extremely important to maintain consistency in the new openings so that the identity of the place remains through the opening and beyond.

We provide bar consultancy services for hotel chains, restaurants, bars and one-off events, providing detailed insight and advice on how to make your bar operations profitable. We can work with your designers or get ours to provide detailed CAD drawings and concept design.

Existing concepts

Our creative experience in the bar industry means that we can offer support in cocktail creation and menu design to ensure balance and profitability, as well as advice on aft bar and structural design. . Operationally, we advise on back-end systems, stock packages, staff training, cost packages and ongoing support in key areas.

We can:

  • Evaluate and streamline current procedures
  • Examine your product line to improve gross profit
  • Provide staff training and support
  • Offer relief to the emergency manager
  • Develop service standards
  • Examine operational systems
  • Provide optional ongoing strategic support

Development of a cocktail list

We helped set the standards for classic cocktails, as well as molecular mixology and other revolutionary techniques. Our growing cocktail database is the product of intense research and years of creative production using the best spirits, products and techniques.

Selection of spirits, wines and beers

We interpret the large amount of brand options available worldwide into a meaningful and cost-effective program, balancing the quality of a product with its cost. As we are in constant communication with spirit brands around the world, we are aware of new products as soon as they become available. We will create a mind list beyond the expectations of your customers and competitors without breaking the bank.

Personalized ice, juice, syrup, bitter programs

The ice cream is adapted to the shape of the glass in which it is served. The juices are always fresh. The syrups are made with seasonal and local ingredients. Personalized bitters enhance nuances with aromatic complexity. Our bar consulting service can make it all happen in your business.

Bar equipment recommendations

There is no one-stop shop for purchasing bar equipment. Our experts keep up to date on how to get the best value for the best equipment by comparing multiple retailers for everything from colanders and glassware to juicers and ice makers.

Ergonomic bar design services

A fast bartender is a profitable bartender, so we will devote our time to reducing the time it takes for your staff to prepare a drink by a few seconds. We understand the layout of bars from a consumer and bartender perspective. Not only should the sightlines be visually appealing to your guests, but the layouts should be efficient and easy for the bar staff, maximizing the amount of money you can earn.

Custom production of workstations under bar

We work in partnership with the main bar manufacturing companies in Europe to offer 3D CAD modeling and 2D drawing preparation services to successfully create your concepts and fully functional equipment for your bar needs. , restaurant, nightclub or restaurant.

Selection and training of staff

Our training program can be adapted to your bar, with new or established staff. During recruitment, our goal is to determine the ability and motivation of an individual and whether he has the ability to continue to grow and learn in a complex and involved industry.

Monitoring package

We offer a complete set of after-sales monitoring where we can continuously help you monitor the performance of your bar. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Secret purchasing service
  • Follow-up training visits
  • Optional continuous strategic support

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